Audit Services

Our Audit Services include Finance and Operating reviews -according to agreed procedures with our customers- in FIVE main areas:

Turnover Review

We develop our work and we apply procedures with the aim of:

Turnover Verification

In our Cash Audits we have detected a significant number of cases where:

  • The real sales volume was much higher than the sales volume reported.
  • The cash sales ratio was substantially higher than that reported in previous periods.

Operating Cost Review

  • Online sales
  • Online Returns
  • Delivery sales

And the most significant operating expenses:

  • Staff
  • Supplies
  • Rent
  • Other operating expenses

Business Operations Review

Our goal is to analyze and detail the daily performance of the local business, identifying its operational weaknesses. The proposed scope will depend on the type of business and the procedures to be analyzed in agreement with the lessor.

Some of the procedures used to analyze the business are the following:

  1. Sales control through Mystery Shopper procedure
  2.  Staff Control
  3. Commodity in store
  4. Operations and control systems management
  5. Marketing and commerce
  6. Competitive advantages or disadvantages
  7. Analytical review of the income statement.

Other Professional Services

We agreed with the Community of Owners a series of procedures for the review and verification of the Financial Statements:

  • Balance Sheet Accounts
  • Profit and loss accounts.
  • Explanatory Notes

In addition, we also carry out deviation analysis and follow up of the budget of the Community of Owners.

  • Online sales figures definition clause
  • Necessary Penalties Clause